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Harry Smith he/him/his

Teaching Assistants

Adrian Binkley he/him/his

Dana Yang she/her/hers

Jintong Wu he/him/his

Hi all. I am a 2nd-year MCIT student. Before UPenn, I studied Environmental Science and Photojournalism at UNC-Chapel Hill. I interned with Microsoft this past summer. During my free time, I like hiking and getting close to nature. I like to listen to R&B and piano when I write code. I also enjoy playing video games like League of Legends.

Philipp Gaissert he/him/his

Vivian Xi she/her/hers

I’m an MCITer ‘22 and enjoyed taking CIT 591 last fall. I studied economics in college before starting the MCIT program at Penn. Outside of classes, I’m also an amateur photographer.