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Intro to Software Development

Fall 2021

Exam 1 Today

Oct 11 · 1 min read

Exam 1 Out Now!

Find it under the Assignments Tab.

Practice Exam Solution

Hi all, here are the practice exam solutions.

Exam 1 Logistics

Important rules:

The exam will release at 3:30PM Eastern and be available to submit for 24 hours (that is, until 3:30PM Eastern on October 14th).

There is absolutely no collaboration permitted for the exam. This means that you cannot discuss the exam, its contents, or its solutions with anyone other than course staff.

You will work on the exam on your own in Eclipse and submit your files to Gradescope. You will not have access to autograder results when you submit.

Exclude all package declarations from your code. Ensure that your code compiles when you submit it. You will receive a large deduction if you submit code that does not compile.

Pay close attention to what happens when you submit to Gradescope. If it tells you that there is an error, that means there is an error and your code is not behaving correctly.


Until further notice, remote students can view the lectures live by joining our synchronous Zoom meeting!

Linked here. For students on campus, please feel free to attend in person.

  • Our course policies, a course calendar, the staff page, and our weekly schedule are accessible using this page’s navigation bar.
  • The course Piazza page is where important announcements will be made. It’s also where you can get support from the course staff.
  • Gradescope is where you’ll submit almost all of your work. You should automatically be registered.